Mother Saw Her Daughters Gucci Belt Of 35000 Rs And Says It’s Like A School Belt See Viral Video


Bought a daughter and brought a belt of 35 thousand, seeing the mother got angry, said- ‘This school belt comes in 150’

It must have happened to all of us many times that when we have bought some expensive item, then our mother gets furious after hearing its price. Many times we also buy some such things of our choice, which are a waste for our mother. A similar video is going viral on social media these days, in which a daughter buys a Gucci belt of 35 thousand for herself and when she tells it to her mother, her reaction was now fast on social media. It’s going viral since.

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Watch Video:

This video has been shared on Instagram by users named Chabi Gupta and Anita Gupta. In the video you can see that the mother tells the daughter, have taken the belt, for what. So the daughter says to wear. Seeing the belt, the mother says that it looks like a DPS belt. How much is this? So the daughter says, it is a little expensive, 35 thousand. So the mother is surprised and laughs and says what is the specialty of this 35 thousand belt. The daughter says, if you wanted to wear it then took it. Mother says that it will be available only for one and a half hundred rupees. You should have only money in your hands and it should be wasted.

People are very fond of this video going viral. This video has been viewed more than 16 lakh times so far. People are also making funny comments on the video. One user wrote, Aunty stole my heart. Another user wrote, “Empty money should remain in hand and should be wasted.”


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