More than six lakh people across the country got Coronavirus vaccine – More than six lakh people across the country got the Corona virus vaccine


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New Delhi:

Today, 6,09,845 covid vaccines have been installed in the country. According to the report till 2 pm on March 2, a total of 1,54,61,864 vaccine doses have been applied so far. So far, 67,32,944 health workers have been given the first dose in the total dose categories. Second dose was administered to 26,85,665 health workers.

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55,47,426 frontline workers got the first dose and 828 frontline workers got the second dose. 4,34,981 citizens over the age of 60 were vaccinated. 60,020 citizens aged 45 to 59 years were vaccinated.

A total of 21,277 vaccines were installed in Delhi today. 10,213 citizens over 60 years have been vaccinated. 1442 of 45 to 59 years old
Citizens get vaccinated. The first dose was given to 2287 health workers and the second dose to 3676 health workers.
3659 gets first dose in frontline workers

Now in the age group of people who have started getting vaccinated, the trend in Delhi is telling that people are getting more vaccinations in private hospitals. In the category of sick people aged above 60 years and 45-59 today, 74% of the vaccines went to private hospitals and 26% in government hospitals.

In private hospitals today, slots were available to place 16,700 vaccines in private hospitals, whereas 51% people reached there. Whereas 7690 slots were available to be vaccinated in government hospitals today, in which only 40% people reached for vaccination.


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