More than 60% of COVID-19 patients who die have muscle inflammation, autopsy study finds | Swelling in the muscles of 60% of patients who die of corona, this is quite different from inflammation in the heart and kidneys; claim in research

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  • More Than 60% Of COVID 19 Patients Who Die Have Muscle Inflammation, Autopsy Study Finds

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  • Researchers from Germany claimed in research
  • Weakness and muscle swelling in 6 out of 10 patients

More than 60 percent of patients who die of corona have swelling in their muscles. This has come out from the autopsy report of 43 patients of Corona. According to the report, 6 out of 10 patients in these groups had weakness and muscle swelling.

According to a German university conducting research, the swelling seen in corona patients was different from the inflammation usually occurring in the heart and kidneys.

Increases risk of muscle injury in infected
According to researchers, seeing the severity of inflammation, it is known why corona patients die after muscle injury. Even those who survive, they have to face weakness for a long time.
Earlier, in a research, it was revealed that the condition of corona patient suffering from muscle injury is more at risk of becoming critical or death.

Weakness and pain in two thirds of patients
According to researchers, two-thirds of patients who survive fighting corona complain of fatigue, muscle weakness and muscle pain. According to research published in the journal JAMA, researchers conducted research on 54 patients who died between March 2020 and February 2021. Of these, only 43 were suffering from corona. At the same time, 11 were troubled by another disease.

63 days later the number of infected is less than 11 lakh

Corona report of 84,573 people came positive in the country on Friday. During this 3,996 people died due to infection. It was a matter of relief that in the last 24 hours, 1 lakh 22 thousand 592 people defeated Corona. The number of new infected is the lowest in the last 71 days. Earlier on 1 April, 81,398 corona infected were identified.

In this way, a decrease of 42,085 was recorded in the number of active cases i.e. people undergoing treatment. At present, 10 lakh 76 thousand 268 infected people are being treated in the country. This figure has come down from 11 lakh after 63 days. Earlier on April 9, there were 10 lakh 41 thousand 51 active cases in the country.

Talking about the positivity rate, the infection rate was less than 5% for the 5th consecutive day. On the previous day, 19.89 lakh tests were done in the country and the infection rate was recorded at 4.3%. That is, now out of every 100 tests, only 4 or 5 people are coming positive.

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