More than 45 thousand rupees were spent on treatment and health facilities of a patient, more than 650 crores spent on check-kit-medicine and isolation | 45 thousand on treatment and health facilities of a patient in Bihar. More than Rs. 650 crores spent on check-kit-medicine and isolation. more than

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  • More Than 45 Thousand Rupees Were Spent On Treatment And Health Facilities Of A Patient, More Than 650 Crores Spent On Check Kit Medicine And Isolation

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  • State government opens treasury to fight corona in 5 months and 25 days
  • 708 crore of the first installment of the State Disaster Risk Management Fund from the Center to the state. meet

(Kailashpati Mishra) The first claim on the treasure is that of disaster victims. This announcement of CM Nitish Kumar was once again proved correct in the coronary. The first case of Corona in the state was revealed on 22 March. Since then, the government has wielded strength on every front in combating the epidemic.

Whether it be workers coming to lockdown, screening, treatment, kits, medicine and medical infrastructure. The state government has spent more than Rs 2977 crore on these arrangements. It also showed its effect. The infection rate in the state was close to 14% in July, now it is now 1.42%.

To prevent infection, the government followed the principle of tracing, treatment and tracking, a reduction in infection is the result of that. One and a half million tests were done in a day. National record also made. The corona item has two components of state government spending. First, the assistance given to the migrant laborers, the expenditure on keeping them in the quarantine center, which is about 1059 crores. Second, 1918 crores spent on prevention and treatment of corona.

Admitted to health department

Specialist doctor916
General MBBS4000
A-grade nurse7500

(More than 14000 doctors and health shortages were appointed during Corona)

718 crores spent on one month salary given as incentive

The amount spent in the last five months and 25 days is one month salary and isolation given as an incentive to Rapid Antigen Kit, PPE Kit, Mask, Medication, Essential Medical Equipment, Sanitizer, Doctor and Health Workers for checking corona in this amount. About 718 crore rupees have been spent to help run the center. More than 45 thousand rupees per corona patient. Health Minister Mangal Pandey says that money is not an issue in the fight with Corona. The state has received 708 crores from the State Disaster Risk Management Fund from the Center.

Equipment from the center

Trunet machine86
Cobas machine2
Oxygen cylinder1000

Compensation Provision: The state government has made a provision to provide compensation to those who died from Corona. Under which 4 lakh rupees are given to the family of the deceased. There have been 822 deaths due to corona in the state so far.



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