Monkey Steals Malaysian Student Phone Man Finds It Full Of Monkey Selfies See Viral Video – Monkey picks up the man's phone while sleeping, takes a selfie in the jungle, watching the owner fly away


Viral Video: Monkey stole the phone of the sleeping person, opened the camera and made such a video

As soon as he received a call from a Malaysia student, he was surprised to see a lot of monkey selfies inside. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Jackrids Rodzi told the BBC that he felt his mobile phone was stolen while sleeping. A 20-year-old student from Battu Pahat town allegedly went to sleep on Friday with a phone next to him. On Saturday, he found that his phone had disappeared.

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The final year computer science student said, 'There was no sign of robbery. The only thing going on in my mind was, how could this magic happen? '

Rodji finally tracked down the device in a forest behind his house on Sunday afternoon. He says that his father kept calling on his phone till Sunday. Because the sound of the ring was coming from the forest. He found the phone near the palm tree.

When his uncle jokingly said that he could get a picture of the thief on his phone, Rodji opened the gallery and got a series of selfies and videos of monkeys. He shared a video from the BBC in which the monkey was trying to eat his phone.

According to the Daily Mail, Rodji showed these pictures to his friends and relatives, seeing which he could not believe. He tweeted on Sunday, writing, “ Those people were not able to believe either. He saw it for the first time.

Rodji tweeted ScreenRecording on 13 September, which has been viewed more than 2.5 lakh times so far. Rodji suspects that the monkey must have entered his house through an open window and picked up the phone and went to the forest.


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