Monkey Funny Walk On A Rope People Said Seems His Account Has Been Verified By Twitter See Viral Video

The langur was going on the rope in a cool way, people were rolling after watching the video

In film style, you must have seen the hero many times in films while crossing the bridge by walking on a rope, but if a monkey does this in a fun-filled way, then it will surely be fun to see him. These days, this video of a langur running on a rope in film style is becoming increasingly viral in social media. It is getting difficult to guess the happiness of the langur in this video. Actually, Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda has tweeted this 22-second video from his Twitter account. In this video, a langur is seen walking fast on a bridge while balancing itself on a rope. Sharing this, ISS Sushant Nanda wrote that seeing its happiness, it seems as if its Twitter account has been verified.

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However, people are watching this funny video from different angles, which is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter. Some users are writing that it is a pleasure to get the slot of vaccination, then someone told it to be fun after passing without giving exam. Some people are also commenting very funny on this tweet. Somebody told it to be a hurry to run away from home for fear of wife. Surely you too will not be able to stop laughing after watching this 22-second video.

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Wildlife is full of excitement. This is the reason why IFS officer Sushant Nanda who usually shares such funny wildlife photo videos. People are eagerly waiting for his tweets. Let us tell you that the langur is a species of Asian monkeys. .

Now seeing the way there is a competition to get blue tick on Twitter these days, everyone is seen in this video connecting the langur’s happiness directly to it. More than 29 thousand people have seen this video shared on social media in a few hours. Now whatever be the reason for happiness, this short video clip has definitely brought smiles on people’s faces.

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