Modi government stands on Covaxin prove adequate, so many questions had raised on its emergency use nod


New Delhi:

Developed in India only Bharat Biotech Of Covaxin The data brought about the capacity of is being considered as an important stage in the Indian vaccination campaign. It is worth noting that in these figures released yesterday, the capacity of covaxine has been estimated at 81%. According to government sources, this is a great recognition for the scientific community of India and the process of developing the vaccine. According to the sources, this shows that there was a solid scientific process and rationale behind the decision to give emergency approval to the biovac of India Biotech. The regulator and the government’s decision to approve covaxine proved to be correct.

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Let me tell you that in some circles questions were raised on the approval of covaxine. Some experts said that it is not right to approve covaxine without data on capacity. However, after a government intervention, Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute issued a joint statement assuring them to work together for the betterment of the global community.

India biotech claims, covaxine is 81 percent effective against Corona’s UK strain

According to government sources, India started vaccinating its people only two months before the emergency approval of covaxine. If this approval had not been given, then the vaccination campaign would have started after the effectiveness data came in the middle of March and it would have been quite late due to this.

It is also worth noting here that the cocaine vaccine is the only vaccine in the world made on the ‘Whole Inactivated Virus’ platform, whose effect has been found to be so high. This is the only such vaccine in India, whose three-stage trials have been conducted in India.

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Another major success associated with the vaccination campaign is that India is providing the vaccine for only 150 rupees to its citizens. Additional 100 rupees are being charged for hospital fees etc. According to this, it is one of the cheapest vaccines in the world. In some other countries the cost of the vaccine is up to 2000 rupees. Vaccine companies are vying to make big profits among Latin American companies.

According to government sources, India has set an example where scientific progress has not been achieved only at the cost of the rich or people. Indian scientists, vaccine manufacturers and the government have ensured that the benefits of the vaccine are shared equally.


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