Miss Papua New Guinea Stripped Of Her Crown Over A TikTok Video Which Shows Her Twerking


Model became such a dance on TikTok after becoming beauty queen, Taj snatched after video went viral

The crown of Miss Papua New Guinea has been taken away due to a TikTok video in which she is seen performing Twerking Dance. After this move, critics say that this shows the culture of misunderstanding and sexism in the island nation.

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25-year-old Lucy Maino has shared a video of her dancing on her personal Ticketcock account. According to The Guardian, the clip was posted from his personal account and widely shared on social media platforms, with sharp criticism of Meno and cyber bullying. Thousands of critics called the dance “inappropriate” and said that sharing such videos was not suitable for a role model.

The Miss Pacific Islands Pageant PNG (MPIP PNG) committee then decided to remove Miss Papua New Guinea’s 2019 winner Lucy Meno from her duties.

MPIP PNG said in a statement, “After discussions with Miss Meno last week, MPIP PNG has formally advised that Miss Papua New Guinea’s 2019 reign is over and Miss Meno is removed with immediate effect Has been given.”

The statement further stated, “MPIP PNG focuses on developing young women overall, ensuring that they are engaged in education, social consciousness, personal development and an awareness of the issues facing PNG and the field. Grow in contact with the brighter world. “

Lucy Meno’s decision to remove the crown was heavily criticized. In Papua New Guinea, the United Nations described it as an example of cyber bullying in a Facebook post.

A female advocate, who did not want to be named, told The Guardian, “I think they threw him under the bus and didn’t give him a chance to come out and talk. That’s not the right way.”


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