Miranda Kerr Likes Katy Perry’s Pregnancy Announcement, But The Wedding Might Be Postponed Due To Coronavirus!

Everyone’s excited about Katy Perry’s pregnancy — even Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr!

As we reported, the pop star revealed she and the actor are expecting their first child together in the music video for her new song Never Worn White on Thursday. Perry shared a clip from the maternal visuals on her Instagram page — and got some love from Kerr in the form of a like!

It was sweet to see the social media support, seeing as Katy’s fiancé shares 9-year-old son Flynn with the 36-year-old model, whom he was married to from 2010 to 2013.

Katy, meanwhile, has been talking to everyone and their mother about the news. Following the premiere of her music vid, the songstress called into SiriusXM Hits 1 and opened up about her and Lando’s excitement to start a family together.

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She said:

“I’m joining the force of working moms out there and that is a very strong force. I love what I do and it doesn’t feel like work and it brings me so much joy, so I just want to continue that state of joy.”

She also opened up a little bit more about her pregnancy cravings, admitting she’s still “hungry” as usual:

“That’s why nobody really [suspected] anything, because I’ve always been hungry. And I’ve never liked [doing] crunches, so they just thought I was curvy and hungry. And yes, I am curvy and hungry!”


The hungry momma previously opened up about her cravings in an Instagram Live recorded after the video premiered, telling fans:

“Literally never cared for spice and now I have to carry Tabasco sauce in my purse.”

She also shared her current food aversions, noting:

“Foods that gross me out now are beef. I’m not really into red meat. Thank God for the Impossible Burger.”

The Grammy nominee added that “a lot” will be happening this summer, going on to tease her new album. But one thing that won’t be happening for Katy this summer is a wedding — even though she and Orlando planned on it!

According to People, a source close to the couple said they were set to tie the knot in Japan early this summer, but decided to postpone their big day because of the coronavirus outbreak. The insider said:

“Katy was actually really excited about walking down the aisle pregnant. They were both so elated that all the wedding details were finally coming together, but they are hitting pause because of coronavirus.”

Fortunately, it’s still going to be a huge year for the couple with that baby on the way!

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