Mira Rajput favorite celebrity is Cricketer AB de Villiers not husband Shahid Kapoor IPL 2021 – Shahid Kapoor is not cricketer AB de Villiers


Mira Rajput and AB De Villiers

New Delhi :

Mira Rajput, the wife of Shahid Kapoor, often plays an interesting question-and-answer game with fans on her Instagram account. Recently, he did the same again. Meera Rajput answered many interesting questions. But the funny thing is that these questions may shock her husband and Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor a bit because Shahid’s face was lighter when he had to choose Shahid Kapoor and someone else with him. Once again, the bet has been given by cricketer AB De Villiers. Anyway, South African player AB de Villiers is known for his blazing innings in the IPL.


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Shahid Kapoor’s wife Meera Rajput (Mira Rajput) was asked who is a favorite celebrity, Shahid Kapoor or AB De Villiers? On this, Meera gave a very funny answer. She said, ‘AB de Villiers … For this question, I would like to use my home-of-life lifeline.’ He was asked another question, cricket or football? So Meera said, ‘AB plays cricket, that’s why I watch cricket.’

In this way, Meera Rajput also gave the same funny answers to the very funny questions of the fans. Anyway IPL 2021 is going to start. Now the boom of cricket is going to hit the television again. Cricket’s favorite players are going to hit the ground, so how can no one love the AB de Villiers’ stormy batting.


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