Milkha Singh Love Story | Milkha Singh And Nirmal Kaur Love Story; All You Need To Know About | In the first meeting, he fell in love with Nirmal Kaur, a volleyball player from Punjab; Milkha Singh wrote his hotel number on his hand

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Milkha Singh married Nirmal Kaur of Punjab in 1962.

Milkha Singh married Nirmal Kaur of Punjab in 1962. Nirmal Kaur was a volleyball player. Milkha had married him in love. Although the families of both were not happy about their marriage, but they had to bow down to their insistence. Nirmal Kaur’s family also migrated to India from Pakistan after partition. He was born on 8 October 1938 in Sheikhpura, Pakistan.

Milkha Singh had the first meeting with Nirmal Kaur during the party in Colombo
Milkha Singh’s first meeting with Nirmal Kaur was during a party in Colombo. They both went to Sri Lanka to participate in a competition. Milkha Singh was part of the athletics team, while Nirmal was the captain of the Punjab volleyball team. There an Indian business man had organized a party in honor of the Indian players. It was at this party that Milkha Singh met Nirmal Kaur for the first time. After leaving the party, he had written his hotel number on Nirmal Kaur’s hand. The conversation between the two had started since then.

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Milkha Singh’s love story progresses after meeting at National Stadium
Milkha Singh’s love story with Nirmal Kaur grew only after meeting at the National Stadium in 1960. Although before that he had met Nirmal after Colombo in 1958, but he could not express his love. Milkha Singh had said in an interview that in those days talking to a woman was like talking to a man to God. People used to get happy just seeing women from a distance.

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After the appointment of both of them in Chandigarh, love progressed and decided to get married.
In 1960, the relationship between the two became stronger when the sports administration in Chandigarh made Milkha the deputy director of sports and Nirmal became the director of women’s sports. After that the closeness between the two continued to grow. After that both decided to get married.

son is golfer and daughter is doctor
Milkha and Nirmal have two children. Son Jeev Milkha Singh is a renowned golfer, while daughter is a doctor. Nirmal Kaur did her master’s degree in Political Science.

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