mild covid-19 cases showing long term effects in 1 out of 10 people finds research


The new research on Corona revealed worrying results. (Symbolic picture)

New Delhi:

COVID-19Eight months after being mildly afflicted, one in every 10 people is affected by at least one moderate to severe symptom that is believed to have a negative impact on their work, social or personal life. A study has revealed this information.

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The study found that the longest long-term symptoms include loss of taste and smell and fatigue. Sweden’s Dendérid Hospital and the Karolinska Institute have been doing this alleged ‘community’ study since last year. The main goal of which is to find out the immunity after Kovid-19.

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“We examined long-term symptoms after mild Kovid-19 in a relatively young and healthy group of work people, and we found that there was a loss of taste and smell,” said Charlotte Thalin, lead researcher of the ‘community’ study. Is the major long-term symptom.

Thalin said, “Fatigue and respiratory problems are also common among participants who have suffered from Kovid-19, but they are not to that extent.” This study has been published in the journal ‘JAMA’.

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