Microsoft is here with its Dark Theme for Swiftkey keyboard app!

Swiping through the keyboard on your screen and typing faster is very cool, right? And if you like Dark themes for your Android phone along with this keyboard, then Eureka!

Microsoft has launched its dark-themed keyboard through its Swiftkey App. The keyboard in this app after the latest update will be able to support dark mode. This feature will be available for Android phones and tablets.

Let us now have a quick glance of this App:

1. Swiftkey is a free app for Android and iOS which assists the device with a new keyboard that has features of spellcheck and swipe typing.

2. Microsoft has given the Settings a fresh look. Hence the users can easily find things and customize the keyboard.

3. A ‘Cog’ icon will be available in the toolbar. You can customize the keyboard from there or you can also drag and tap the Swiftkey app.

4. You will now witness the dark themed settings.

5. Make sure that your device runs on Android 10 or updated to Version

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