Miami woman does underwater gymnastics people got shocked after watching viral video


Woman showed amazing feat of gymnastics under water

New Delhi:

As such, you must have seen many people doing gymnastics. But have you ever seen someone doing amazing gymnastics under water? Actually, in the world of social media, very unique and interesting videos remain viral. But now a stunning video of a woman is spreading fast on social media, which anyone can be surprised to see.

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A female blogger Christina Makushenko has shared a video on her Instagram account, in which she is seen performing underwater gymnastics art. He is also the world champion in Artistic Swimming. People are liking this video of woman on social media and are giving their reactions.

In the video, you can see that the woman has used the ribbon as a prop while doing gymnastics under water. He used the song Khalid from American singer Billy Ellish to show his mood in the video.

People watching this video are praising the woman’s ability. One user wrote praising, “I can watch it all day.”


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