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Meghan Markle’s Ex Says British Tabloid Offered Him $70k To Lie About Their Sex Life!

By Vansh Sangwan - March 20, 2020

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Think Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were exaggerating about how badly she’s been treated by the press over there in the UK? Imagine someone YOU dated when you were 22 years old being offered tens of thousands of dollars to make up lies about you. Does that sound fair and balanced to you??

That’s the claim being made by Simon Rex on this week’s Hollywood Raw podcast.

In case you didn’t know, the onetime MTV veejay dated the future Duchess of Sussex briefly back in 2004, when she had just barely begun her acting career with day parts in soap operas.

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At the time Simon’s career was going well; he was acting in the Scary Movie franchise and was on the verge of starting his time as rapper Dirt Nasty (during which he was responsible for the early viral hit My Dick).

However, when he first got started in Hollywood as a struggling model and actor in the early ’90s, he did some solo porn scenes, mostly aimed at gay audiences. It was this early leg of his career the tabloids were fascinated with as it gave them the perfect opportunity to make Meghan look bad, maybe even unfit to join the Royal family. After all, she had sex with a porn star!

Breezing by the fact you could hardly call Simon a porn star, it turns out even the sex part wasn’t true. After the discovery they dated, Simon says he was approached by just about every outlet in 2018 looking for a scoop about his time with the Suits actress — and he broke it to them it was a brief and very uneventful single date. In fact, they never even consummated it!

He told The Sun they kissed after dinner, but she never went on a second date with him. He joked it was his breath after the “garlic noodles” that turned her off:

“To this day that’s like an ongoing joke — don’t order the ­garlic noodles, that ruined my chances.”

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But that wasn’t enough for one media outlet; Simon says one tabloid, which he did not name, offered him $70,000 to straight up lie and say they had sex! Just so they could put out a more salacious headline!

Gross! No wonder Meghan sued multiple outlets with that kind of unethical behavior going on!

Just a little reminder, real news outlets do not pay for information, specifically to avoid any incentive to lie. (And that goes for celeb news bloggers, too!)

You can listen to the whole conversation, in which Simon gets real about his time in Hollywood in the 2000s, hanging with Paris Hilton and pre-fame Kim Kardashian HERE.

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