Medical Examination: Small town students achieve great success – Medical Examination: Small town students achieve great success

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Krishnanshu at his coaching institute in Varanasi.


Talent is not an affection for urban amenities, Varanasi student Krishnanshu has proved this. The results of the medical entrance exam have come. In this, not only the children of small cities are in the topper list, but they have achieved this position by coaching in small cities only. Although Rajasthan is famous for coaching, but a child from there came to Benaras and got the 53rd rank. It is evident from this that if the right guidance is given, the niche can be achieved from the niche. Not only Krishnanshu, who has achieved great success by living in a small town, there are also students like Shweta and Akanksha who are on their way to fulfill their dreams.

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There was an atmosphere of celebration in the El One coaching class of Benares today. Education was not being done here today, but the success of student Krishnanshu was being celebrated. This promising student has secured 705 out of 720 in the NEET and ranked 53rd in the country. Student Krishnanshu Tanwar says, “I am very happy after the result of the exam. My dream of becoming a doctor is going to be fulfilled. I would like to thank my parents, my entire team of coaching one and all the relative unfamiliar to me on this success. ”

Krishnanshu hails from Salimpur village in Alwar district of Rajasthan, but came to Benaras for coaching as his family’s financial condition is not good. Krishnanshu Tanwar said, “I live from a lower middle class family. My economic condition is not such that I can study by paying very high fees, quota, etc. There is a lot of load there.

Krishnanshu’s classmate Shweta, who is successful in coaching in Benares, believes that success comes from confidence, not from big cities and big coaching. Shweta Singh says that “Children can remain successful if they keep confidence on themselves, do self study, if they are provided good material support”. It is not necessary to go to a big city, where you are, you can study even by staying in a small city.

Like Krishnanshu and Shweta, Gorakhpur has aspirations. There is no place of happiness in Akanksha’s house today, because the daughter has brought 720 out of 720 number and came second in medical examination. However, it was prepared by coaching from Delhi, but achieved this status by staying in Gorakhpur in lockdown during the examination.

Arun Kumar Tiwari, Joint Director of El One Coaching said, “There are more people like us here in Banaras who are from middle family, children of farmers, they stay here.” Those who are in a good condition may not like to read here. I think that if those children also stay here, then the way we are creating an atmosphere here, a proper guide can give good results. As our child did, we got 705 numbers which is the highest number in the history of Benaras till now.

This flight of success of these children of small cities is filling the spirit of doing something even among those children who reach the verge of breaking up in the absence. It is said that if there is true passion and courage, then no work is difficult. The children who have secured the top rank in NEET examination are making this point fully. They are also telling that not only in the coaching of any big city but also in a city like Banaras, a big achievement can be achieved.

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