Mdhya Pradesh: Health workers enjoying juice while Corona Patient Wait Inside Ambulance, video viral


Health workers started drinking sugarcane juice on the road with the patient in an ambulance


Of Madhya Pradesh Shahdol A major negligence was observed in the district where some health workers were seen walking around the city openly carrying a corona infected, and not only enjoying the cane juice in the middle of the city regarding the corona infected. During this time, a person present there caught his action in his mobile room, which is now becoming fiercely viral on social media. In fact, some health workers were carrying a corona sankramit in the ambulance, during this time, they started enjoying sugarcane juice by stopping the patient amidst the movement of people in the middle of the city.

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Health workers continued to enjoy sugarcane juice for a long time and Corona Sankriti felt uncomfortable, waiting for him to drink his juice, during this time people passed by and looked at the patient standing openly watching the sugarcane juice. They were coming, because of this great carelessness of the health workers, many more people could get infected. Surprisingly, the health worker was wearing a corona safety shield but did not wear masks. Angered by this, a person present there made a video in this mobile of his action, which is now becoming fiercely viral on social media.

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In this case, CMHO says that I do not have any such information, it will be investigated. Dr. Megh Singh Sagar said that I have not yet seen this video nor has this matter come to my notice. Now the matter will be investigated and action will be taken against the culprits.


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