Maulvi slept without turning off the loudspeaker and snoring loudly see funny video – Maulvi saheb, asleep on the mic, will be swamped after hearing what happened


Maulvi Saheb fell asleep on the mike, then you will become sad after hearing what happened

These days, an audio called hashtag Shweta is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which the girl forgets to turn off her mic after an online meeting and all personal things going on from her friend get leaked. After this, funny mimes are being made on this audio and the same thing is going on everywhere. Now the cleric of the mosque has made such a mistake.

Actually, a video of a maulvi saheb is going viral very fast. On hearing this, he learns that he forgot to turn off the mic and fell asleep. He must have read Azan, after that, people are laughing fiercely at what he heard on the mic. Twitter user @ dapakiguy92 shared this video and in the caption, he wrote, ‘Maulvi Sahab slept on the mic.’ In this video you can see how the mic is on and Maulvi saheb’s snoring is heard, which makes people laugh.

See Video:


People are enjoying a lot by listening to the snoring of Maulvi Saheb. Some users said that only a fortunate person like Maulvi saheb has luck. However, it is not yet known where this incident is from. This video, which has gone viral on social media, has been viewed more than 51 thousand times.


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