Market News In Hindi: BSE gained 10382 points in 66 sessions from 25 March to till date | BSE managed to close beyond 36 thousand for the first time after 25 March, a gain of 10382 points in 66 sessions


  • BSE closed at 36,021.42, up 850 points this week.
  • The highest increase of 5452 points was recorded in April since March.

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Jul 03, 2020, 04:38 PM IST

new Delhi. The slowdown in the domestic stock markets is slowly going away due to the lockdown affecting business activities in the country. After touching the lowest level of this year on March 24, the BSE of the Bombay Stock Exchange is registering a steady rise. After the lockdown started, on Friday July 3, BSE has managed to close at 36,021.42, crossing the 36 thousand mark for the first time. The BSE has gained 10,382 points in 66 sessions from 25 March to 3 July. At the same time, the Nifty has gained 2,806.3 in this period.

Lockdown was implemented from 25 March

The central government had called for a one-day public curfew on 22 March Sunday to prevent the spread of Corona infection. With this, the government had indicated to implement lockdown in the country. This affected the sentiment of investors. As a result of this, the next day ie on 23 March Monday, the stock markets recorded a big fall. This decline continued the next day on 24 March as well and the BSE reached its low of this year at 25638.9. On the night of 24 March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown which came into force from 25 March itself.

The state of stock markets this week

The dateBSENifty
29 June34,961.5210312.40
30 June34,915.8010302.10
01 July35,414.4510430.05
02 July35,843.7010551.70
03 July36,021.4210,607.35

note: This is the level of daily closure.

Highest increase of 5452 points in April

Markets that fell due to corona infection in March started picking up from April itself. On April 1, the BSE closed at 28,265.31 points. Investors' sentiments improved due to measures by governments and banks to curb Kovid-19. As a result, the BSE closed 5452.31 points higher at 33717.62 on 30 April as compared to 1 April.

Only 709 points in May

BSE saw a lower rise in the month of April compared to April. Investor sentiment was mixed due to the lack of pick-up in business activity despite a relaxation in lockdown in May. On May 4, the BSE closed at 31,715.35 points, after a full month's trade, by a mere 709 points, to close at 32424.10 on May 29.

BSE up by 1612 points in June

Relieving lockdown, the Central Government implemented Unlock-1 from 1 June. This led to an increase in general movement along with business activities in the country. This boosted investor confidence and the domestic stock markets rose for the third consecutive month. On June 1, the BSE closed at 33,303.52 points. After a month of trading, it gained 1612 points to close at 34915.80 on 30 June.


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