Many new gadgets will make life easier, including robot teaching hands, teeth brushing without hands, water generator | Gadgets such as a toothbrush brush, water generator without hands will make life easier

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  • Many New Gadgets Will Make Life Easier, Including Robot Teaching Hands, Teeth Brushing Without Hands, Water Generator

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Every year Time magazine announces inventions that make the world better, smarter. This time 100 Best Innovations have been selected. These have been chosen keeping in mind aspects like originality, utility, ambition and influence. These include a number of unique gadgets including a child support robot, a new tube of toothpaste, a health monitoring app. Here are ten such innovations…

Child support robot

The moxie robot is similar to a neighbor. It has been designed by experts associated with Pixar, Jim Henson Production and Education, Child Development. It teaches social and emotional behavior to children aged 5 to 10 years. Encourages reading, drawing. Teaches to talk to elders and children of old age. Tells how to write a letter to a friend. Pavlo family, CEO of the moxie-making company Embroid, says that it helps children to go into the real world.

care of nails

During an epidemic, spending a few hours in a salon for a manicure is also enough. The Menimi Company has provided this facility at home. Users have to send photos of their nails on the company’s website. The company sends gel polish stickers that fit the nail knuckles with 3D modeling technology. For the manicure, apply the sticker on the nail and separate the unnecessary part of it. Each manicure lasts for two weeks. Remove the sticker before performing the next manicure.

Recyclable tube

Sometimes small things open the way for big change. Billions of toothpaste tubes are thrown around the world every year. Most of these are made of plastic and aluminum. Therefore, it is difficult to use them again. Recycled polyethylene has been used in Toms Maine’s new tube. It has not yet been used in any other tube. This creates recycled plastics. The Colgate PomeOlive company will start using the new tube in its toothpaste.

New source of water

The use of air-to-water technology is increasing. SkySource’s Video Generator has introduced the video generator, a mobile generator that produces drinking water. Put things like wood pieces, coconut, peanut shells in it and heat it. This way the steam is converted into generator water. The entire battery-operated system can be placed in a 40-foot container. Videu and the World Food Program have installed a generator at a refugee camp in Uganda this year. This is also going on in Tanzania.

Health ring

No players and staff members have fallen ill with the Corona virus during the season of the National Basketball Association of America. The players and staff are safe in a security cordon. The NBA has used the aura ring to monitor everyone’s health. A ring equipped with a sensor, when worn in the finger, indicates heartbeat, level of activation, sleep position, and body temperature. Company CEO Harpreet Singh says that Aura’s app presents the complete picture of your health. Aura has tied up with some other leagues and companies besides the NBA to supply the app.

Safe cycling

Thousands of bicycle riders worldwide suffer from serious accidents. In the US alone, 60 thousand people suffered serious brain injuries after a bicycle accident in 2019. No bicycle helmet guarantees protection from serious head injury. However, there is an adjustable polymer enclosure inside Bontrager’s new Wavesail helmet. This neutralizes the effects of any external trauma. Traditional helmets have no such protection layer. Virginia Tech gives Wavesail the highest ranking – five stars. Helmets range in price from $ 99 to $ 299.

Mouth cleaning without hands

Electric toothbrushes also fade in front of the willow made by the French Dentist. Close the lips after inserting a nylon bristled silicone brush system into the mouth. When you start the system, water will reach the mouth and toothpaste of special formula will clean the teeth. The system does its own washing. Brushes and toothpastes combine to give a feeling of massage to the gums. It removes the layer of dirt from the teeth. There is an app associated with the willow. It tells whether you clean the teeth or not. If one day cannot clean the teeth, then the next day it is replenished. The teeth cleaning system is scheduled to arrive in 2021.

Future farming

Organic farming is considered technologically backward. But, the weed destroyer robot tells a new story. The Farm Vice Titan FT-35 is a driverless tractor. It uses machine learning and computer vision to remove waste plants from farms. Traditional tractor-driven walking machines identify field crops and weeds. It uproots the weed in minutes. The FT-35 has started to be used in the US.

Some inventions are affected by the corona virus epidemic.

Virus prevention methods…

Protection from bacteria

Every day, innumerable particles that spread infection through the breath reach our body. If any of these goes to the lungs, we fall ill. Harvard’s aerosol expert David Edwards has been searching for another solution, such as hand washing, to reduce this threat for ten years. They think that this method can be achieved with a mixture called Fend. Foam and smoke composed of calcium and salt strengthen the mucus layer of the nose. Expels microorganisms. One study found that about 75 percent fewer aerosol particles were found in the nose and lungs of people using FEND. This mixture can be included in ways to prevent illness with hand washing, applying masks, and social distancing.

Data resource center

In the era of the corona virus epidemic, experts at Johns Hopkins University have caught the attention of the whole world. His Corona Virus Resource Center is the clearing house for epidemic data. The center’s data must have been downloaded billions of times. With their help, the governments would have sent the necessary resources to tackle the disease to the affected places. Looking at the data of the center, people must have decided to move out of their homes.

Baby crib

Only 60 percent of children under six months of age are able to sleep overnight. Kredelweiss, run by Artificial Intelligence, detects a child’s movement through a smart crib sensor. More automatic cribs are activated when the baby cries. The crib, based on the child’s sleep schedule, determines when to let the baby sleep or be woken up. Everything moves according to the sensor.

Life long friendship

Elders struggling with loneliness are struck by mental illnesses. Tom Stevens, associated with the technology industry, has found a cure in technology by looking at his mother’s condition. Stevens has designed emotional support robot Tomboat Jeannie. It behaves like a real dog. Jenny designed by Jim Henson’s Creator Shop looks like a six-seven-kilo papi. It has dozens of sensors installed. Tapping on the back shakes the tail, follows the order and barks when needed. Tombot will also equip Jenny with information about her partner’s health. The company will supply Robo Dog in 2022 to five thousand people.

Life masks

Face masks are the most important means of preventing the spread of Kovid-19 virus. It is a consumer product to recognize the year of 2020. Any type of mask can be included in the category of Best Innovation. But, three masks are mentioned here.

1. Breath 99’s B2 mask is flexible. There are two replaceable filters in a piece of rubber such as a mask. These remove about 99.6 percent of the particles. Masks are washable.

2. Petit Plea’s MSK recycle is made of plastic thread. It fits at every angle of the face.

3. The iMaronbox’s runmask is made of fabric and polyester. It is convenient during workouts.


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