Many hospitals facing shortage of covid vaccines in Ghaziabad near Delhi – not in vaccine stock: notice in some private hospitals in Ghaziabad near Delhi


Shortage of corona vaccine has been reported in many private hospitals in Ghaziabad.

Special things

  • Vaccination is not being done in some private hospitals since Monday.
  • Hospitals have no answer, when will the new stock come
  • Notice of not having a vaccine stock at the entrance


Covid-19 Vaccination: Corona virus growing cases During the period, the central government may be continuously claiming lack of vaccine but private hospitals in Ghaziabad, UP are facing vaccine shortage. Vaccination is not being done in some private hospitals in Ghaziabad adjoining Delhi since Monday. In many hospitals of the city, there is a clear answer to when the next stock will come. They have posted a notice at their entrance that the vaccine is not available there at the moment. People in the hospital are being asked to confirm the availability of vaccine by calling before getting to the hospital to get vaccinated.

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Corona vaccine shortage has been reported in Ghaziabad amid reports of corona vaccine deficiency in Maharashtra, the country’s most affected state. In some places in Maharashtra, vaccination has stopped due to lack of vaccine. Director of Lyf Hospital in Indirapuram area of ​​Ghaziabad, Dr. Alok Gupta told NewsBust, ‘We have no stock of vaccine since Monday. We were able to vaccinate only 50 people on Monday, whereas this number is usually around 200. We have stopped vaccination since then and there is no clarity on when the next stock will come. ‘ He said that we want to vaccinate people that the stock has not been sent by the government. People are coming to the hospital to get vaccinated and they are arguing with us as vaccine is not available ‘

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49-year-old businessman Deepak Gupta has also had to return without getting vaccinated. He said, for the last three to four days, I have been doing the rounds of vaccination sets. There is no vaccine at all. We want to protect ourselves but do not have a vaccine. We are coming out of work to get vaccinated but have to return disappointed. Has arrived.


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