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Jul 13, 2020, 04:00 PM IST

The education institute has a great importance in the education and career of the students, because the university and teachers are very helpful in showing the direction of better future to the students. The job of universities is not just to spread knowledge but also to create or create knowledge. This becomes even more relevant in today's time when almost all the knowledge stored by humans is available in digital form i.e. digital media has increasingly acquired the task of disseminating knowledge of universities. However universities still have the option to surge more knowledge, do more research, more and more reveal the secrets of nature, innovate for social benefits, sustainable environment and better human life.

In this context, Manipal University Jaipur, the first university in Rajasthan to achieve NAAC A + rating, is committed to promoting talent and strengthening teaching and research by adopting specific and innovative practices to maintain academic excellence.

MUJ Where it is not just the spread of knowledge but also the construction of knowledge with social concern.

Prof. Manipal University of Jaipur According to President Professor NN Sharma, since its inception in 2011, MUJ has been generating knowledge through research and innovation and most importantly it is done for the betterment of the society and the local needs. MUJ is a leading example of knowledge surgeon through social need based research. Numerous research projects with social concerns have been completed at MUJ. Not only faculty members, but also UG and PG students have been actively involved in research work.

In research with social concerns MUJ Some notable achievements of:

  • Development of multi-functional Jaipur-hand- Jaipur is famous all over the world for economical prosthetic foot i.e. Jaipur Foot. In this series, highly economical artificial hands have been developed by Manipal University Jaipur in association with Peltover Technology Private Limited (a venture of MUJ students). Jaipur Hand developed by MUJ is less than 15000 rupees and it works much better. Its mechanical version has been entrusted to Bhagwan Mahavir Disabled Assistance Committee and after his suggestion, work is being done on its automated version.

  • Artificial bones (artificial bones) – Of MUJ Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty members have developed bio-compatible artificial bones that can replace human bones damaged due to severe fractures, disease, etc. This would not require surgery to remove the metallic implant.

  • Unbreakable and fireproof tiles Marble dust is becoming an environmental hazard. Researchers at MUJ have developed an unbreakable and fireproof floor tile, using this as an opportunity to change the threat. It costs almost the same as a normal ceramic tile and makes them unbreakable and fireproof.

  • Industry Class Protective Face Shield- in present time Protective face shield has become an essential requirement in the fight against epidemic called Kovid 19. In this episode, MUJ has developed an industry class face shield and has donated 500 such shields to Rajasthan Police.

MUJ Special attention has been paid to research in and the evidence of this can be seen in the publications of faculty members in reputed journals. The quality of research currently measured by SciVal's field impact factor is much higher than the global average at MUJ. Shortly after its inception, the faculty members of MUJ have succeeded in obtaining external grants from DST, DBT, ICSSR, CSIR etc. The MUJ has been provided with the Atal Incubation Center by NITI Aayog, Government of India, with the aim of promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. As of now AIC-MUJ has launched about 15 startups, most of which have received private and public funding. The university provides various platforms to the students where they can showcase their innovative ideas and market their products through features like system software and networks.

To give place to research related to society, MUJ has set up state-of-the-art research facilities including "Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Lab", "Central Analytical Facility," Multi-scale high end computing facility "," Dassault-CATIA lab "and more Are included. These facilities are rare in any private institution.

Waving around the world MUJ Students' results:

MUJ students are flaunting their talent all over the world. Recently MUJ's BTech-Computer and Communication Engineering student and his team (LUXETICS) have won the Hacking Medicine HealthHack 2020 Challenge and a $ 2500 dollar prize for Kovid-19 at the University of Massachusetts, USA. He has been invited for a presentation at MIT Hong Kong after the lockdown.

The future demands that social concern research and innovation be promoted in the educational system and new wealth of knowledge should be created. To all Indian universities
One should strive to compete globally and contribute socially. Manipal University Jaipur In this direction, it is performing its responsibility well.

Professor NN Sharma, Professor President – Manipal University Jaipur


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