Man wearing PPE and Dancing in Baraat IPS Officer Gives Funny Reaction See Viral Video


Wearing a PPE kit, the man did a bang in front of the horse, IPS said – a true friend – see video

Coronavirus In India: Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in India. More than 3 lakh cases are being reported every day. In such a situation, shards are happening among less people. Very few people are joining the procession as well. A man came to the procession wearing a PPE kit and performed a dance in front of the mare (Man Wearing PPE and Dancing In Baraat). This video is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter. IPS officer HGS Dhaliwal shared this video and gave a fun reaction.

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It can be seen in the video that a man comes to the procession wearing a PPE kit and starts dancing on the band. People are surprised to see him. He dances alone. There is no confirmation on when and where this video belongs. But the man followed the rules very well, so he is being praised a lot.

While sharing the video, IPS officer HGS Dhaliwal wrote in the caption, ‘A true friend.’

See Video:

This video was shared on April 29, which has had more than 3 thousand views so far. People are enjoying this video very much. A user told that this video is from Uttarakhand.

According to him, the person dancing in the video is an ambulance driver, who was exhausted and dancing to relieve fatigue after leaving the corona patients throughout the day.


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