man was feeding the birds by putting the chips in the mouth bird did something like this started vomiting watch the funny video


The person was feeding the birds by pressing chips in the mouth, the bird did something like this, started vomiting

Videos related to animal birds are often viral on social media. Many videos are quite fun, so there are some that people never forget after seeing them and laugh when they remember them. One such video is now becoming viral on social media, after seeing it, you too will understand that what you do will yield the same results.

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From childhood, we are told that giving grains and water to birds is a virtuous work. Some people do this work with a sincere heart, then some people make fun of it too and sometimes it can be overwhelming for anyone. One such video is becoming quite viral these days.

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In this video, you can see that a flock of seagull birds is flying along the sea, when a person comes there and tries to feed them by pressing the chips in his mouth. Then the bird beats on its mouth, causing the person to vomit. After watching the video, people are giving a fun reaction to it.

On Twitter, this video was shared by a user named @RexChapman, in whose caption he wrote – Feeding Seagull. The video has been viewed more than 2 lakh times so far. People are very fond of this video and are also making lots of fun comments.


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