Man Using Mobile While Driving Bicycle Crashes Into A Car Viral Video Got 10 Million Views


The boy was riding a bicycle while driving a mobile, then an accident happened suddenly – see video

The video of an accident is becoming viral on social media. It is often seen that driving a mobile while driving a car leads to road accidents. This time too, I got to see something similar. A boy was riding a bicycle while driving a mobile (Man Using Mobile While Driving Bicycle). It was only after going some distance that such an accident happened, which surprised everyone. He went straight to a car and went to Crashes Into A Car. This video has been shared by former American basketball player Rex Chapman.

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It can be seen in the CCTV video that the boy is riding a bicycle while driving a mobile. As he moved forward, there was a car parked in the parking lot. His bicycle collided with the car without seeing it and he crashed into the car. The speed of the cycle was slow, so there was no major accident. If the speed of the cycle was faster, the boy could have suffered serious injuries.

While sharing the video, Rex Chapman wrote in the caption, ‘Do not use mobiles while riding a bike.’

See Video:

He has shared this video on April 7, which has so far reached 1 million views. Also, more than 26 thousand likes and more than thousand comments have come. The timestamp appears in the CCTV video. According to him, the incident took place on 4 April.

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