Man Stuck In Traffic Jam Thats How He Got Out Vehicle Under The Truck See Viral Video


If caught in a traffic jam, the boy pulled out such a vehicle from under the truck – see video

The video of a traffic jam is becoming increasingly viral on social media, seeing which you too will be laughed and laughed. It is often seen that the road gets jammed due to heavy trains. Small cars find their place and leave from there. But here the person drove the car out from under the truck (Man Got Out Vehicle Under The Truck). This video is being liked a lot on Instagram.

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It can be seen in the video that the truck is parked, causing small vehicles to get stuck and traffic jams. Then the man puts home jugaad and puts the car under the truck. As he pulled the car out from under the truck. People liked it a lot. But doing so can prove to be dangerous. You should never do this.

See Video:

This video has been shared by an Instagram user named Vimal Saini. He shared this video on March 26, which has so far garnered 20.3 million views. ‘Son mauj kardi …’ Mim song is going on behind. In addition, this video has also received 11 lakh likes.

People gave amazing reactions in the comment section. One user wrote, ‘Brother, you are very heavy driver.’ Another user wrote, ‘Just as people cross through the railway gate, it did so.’


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