Man Returns stolen Sanitiser after Caught on CCTV camera Video Goes Viral


Viral Video: The man who came to steal the sanitizer with an empty bottle in lungi, did so as soon as he saw the CCTV camera …

Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, people have been required to keep Sanitiser. There are also reports of sanitizer being stolen. A video is going viral on social media, where a man is seen trying to steal a sanitizer. After stealing the sanitizer, as soon as his eye falls on the CCTV installed there, he immediately puts it back in the bottle.

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The clip, which has now gone viral, has been shared by a Facebook page 'Condotti Abu'. In which a person was standing on the balcony of the first floor and talking on the phone. Shortly after, he opens the sanitizer bottle and removes the empty bottle from inside the lungi and starts filling it.

He felt that no one was watching him. But then his eyes read on the CCTV camera. On seeing this, he wears a mask and puts the sanitizer back and shows the camera remotely that he has put the entire sanitizer in the bottle.

See Viral Video:

This video was shared on August 7, which has so far garnered 6 lakh views. Also, more than 2 thousand shares and more than 8 thousand reactions have been found. People are finding this video quite fun.


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