Man killed mother and brother with hammer in Rajasthan police filed fir


The police has taken the accused into custody. (Symbolic picture)

Special things

  • Mother and brother were sleeping at the time of the incident
  • Youth killed both with a hammer
  • The interrogation is being carried out by the accused in custody


On Thursday, a 25-year-old youth in Ajmer district of Rajasthan (Rajasthan) allegedly killed his mother and younger brother. The police gave information about it. Police said that the accused attacked and injured four people, including his father and two brothers, with a hammer. According to police, the incident took place in Bhinay town where accused Amarchand Jangid attacked his mother Kamala Devi (60) and younger brother Shivraj (22) with a hammer while they were sleeping.

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Police said that when his father, two brothers and a neighbor arrived for rescue, the accused also injured him. Police said, “The mother and brother of the accused died on the spot.”

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The accused has been detained and is being interrogated. The accused is preparing for competitive examinations. “The reason for the murder is not clear yet,” said Kekhari officer Khiv Singh. After the post-mortem, the bodies were handed over to the next of kin.

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