Man-doing-dangerous stunt in the air IPS said – Everything seems impossible before it happens


By showing Gulati in the air, the man showed astonishing feat, IPS said- ‘Everything seems impossible before it happens …’

There are many talented people all over the world. Some people have such amazing talent inside that when you do it, you cannot even think. Seeing whom our eyes are torn and we are surprised how he did it. Many videos of such talented people also go viral on social media. One such video is going viral on the Internet these days, seeing that your mind will wander.

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This video has been shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra. You will be surprised after watching the video, while sharing the video, IPS wrote in its caption, ‘Everything seems impossible until it is completed.’

See Video:

This video of a man performing a dangerous stunt is very popular, in which he crosses the chair with a gulati from the ground and puts his head in a pot of water placed on the table. People are surprised to see this video and everyone is asking the same question, what is the need to do this? This is so difficult.

The officer has also put a warning note along with the video and has advised not to try to try this stunt. People are sharing a lot of comments on this video as well.


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