man climbed on an electricity pole his wife had gone somewhere without informing him


Wife went away without telling, angry husband made ruckus by climbing on electric pole


There is often a fight and a fight between husband-wife. At times, both of them get angry with each other even on small matters. But, Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh) I have done some strange work by getting angry with his wife. In fact, the wife of a man went without her, after which the husband got angry and climbed on the electric pole.

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This incident is from Balramur of Chhattisgarh. Where a husband got angry with his wife and climbed on the electric pole, people were very nervous on seeing it. In order to get the person down, people first explained him a lot, but even then, when he did not agree, people informed the police about this. After some time, the police reached there and explained to the man and brought him down.

According to police, the man was intoxicated and his wife went away without telling him. Upset about this, he climbed on the electric pole. On receiving the information from the people, the police reached there and after understanding it was lowered down and later took it under siege. After some time, he was persuaded and sent home.


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