Man Amazing Jugaad Converts Bike Into Tractor Trolly Internet Loves It See Viral Video

The person did amazing jugaad, made a big trolley from the bike to carry the goods

Every task can be made easy with Jugaad. If you have a mind for jugaad, even impossible tasks become possible. Apart from this, if you have to work hard in some work, then you can do it easily and without any effort with jugaad. By the way, funny videos of jugaad keep going viral on social media. But, seeing a video of desi jugaad which is now going viral on social media, you will also say that the people of the village are also smart. It is shown in this video that how a person has made a trolley carrying goods from a bike with jugaad. People are also liking this jugaad very much.

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This video has been shared on Instagram from a page named jugaadu_life_hacks. In the video, you can see that a bike is parked, behind which a trolley with a tractor design is also standing. If you look carefully, you will see that a thick rod is attached to the rear part of the bike, one end of which is attached to this trolley. This trolley, made by attaching to the bike, has been made to carry goods.

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People are liking this jugaad very much. People are praising the person’s mind fiercely. So far many people have seen this video. So how did you feel by seeing this jugaad, then you must have also understood that if everyone plays his mind, then we can also make many of our difficult tasks easy and complete them quickly.

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