Mamta Banerjee expressed empathy for Left Front not winning even a single seat in Bengal, saying – Instead of BJP in elections …


West Bengal Assembly Election 2021: direct fight between BJP and TMC


The alliance has unexpectedly received sympathy from Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as the Left Front sweep in West Bengal. Mamta Banerjee said, “I oppose them politically, but I don’t want to see them on zero”. This statement is surprising to come from Mamta Banerjee, because Mamata Banerjee had demolished the 34-year-old fort of Left Front in Bengal in 2011. Mamta Banerjee said that it would have been better if the Left Front had won seats instead of BJP.

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Mamta gave a clear indication that she would prefer to see the Left instead of BJP on the opposition benches in the Assembly. The Chief Minister said with sarcasm, he sold himself and became a signboard in the zeal of supporting BJP. They have to think about it. This is the first time since independence that the Left or Congress has not won a single seat in the 294 seats of the Bengal Assembly (Bengal Assembly). BJP has replaced Left and Congress and it is emerging fast. In the results announced on Sunday night, Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress won 213 seats, compared to 211 seats in 2016. BJP has got 77 seats, whereas in the last election it had only 3 seats.

The leaders of the Left have described the party’s performance as destructive. Many leaders have acknowledged that the alliance with Islamic religious leader Abbas Siddiqui was a major mistake of the party. Seeing the possibility of BJP’s victory in Bengal, the Muslims unilaterally voted in favor of Mamata Banerjee’s party. Even in Malda and Murshidabad, they did not get support, which is considered to be the stronghold of Congress (Congress). Many Left leaders have admitted that the anti-BJP vote in Bengal appeared to go out of favor with the Trinamool Congress.

Left leaders say that the BJP introduced that it could become an alternative to Trinamool and it took advantage of it. Therefore TMC also took advantage of this and made such a project that it can stop BJP. The leader of the Revolutionary Socialist Party, Manoj Bhattacharya, said that one dictator won over the other dictator. The general public wanted to stop the BJP and it was seen as an alternative only to the Trinamool Congress.

The alliance with Abbas Siddiqui did not yield any desired results. However, a section of the party says that the alliance with Congress in 2016 is also a reason, because the central leadership of both parties was against it. Both parties have been strongly opposing each other for a long time and the same is the case in Kerala.

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