Maharashtra: Twist in Minister Dhananjay Munde case, BJP leader alleges that complainant women is blackmailer – Twist in Dhananjay Munde case, BJP leader supporting minister, refuses offer of resignation


Social Justice Minister Dhananjay Munde has been accused of rape by NCP quota in Maharashtra government. (File photo)


In the Uddhav Thackrey Government of Maharashtra, a new twist has come from the NCP quota on allegations of rape by a woman on Social Justice Minister Dhananjay Munde (Dhananjay Munde). Chief Opposition BJP (BJP) leader Krishna Hegde has supported the minister and accused the accusing woman of trying to discredit him earlier. Minister Munde also dismissed the allegations of the woman and accused the complainant of blackmailing the woman.

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Meanwhile, party’s state president Jayant Patil had a meeting with Dhananjay Munde today at the NCP office. After the meeting, Patil said that Dhananjay did not offer his resignation in the conversation nor was there any discussion on the resignation. The NCP state president said, “We want the police to investigate the allegations against Dhananjay as the allegations are of serious nature.”


Here, Patil said that Minister Dhananjay Munde has said that the woman is blackmailing him, so it should be investigated. He said that there will be no interference from us on the investigation of the police. Dhananjay Munde, who came out of the party office, did not talk to the media about this.

Let me tell you that a woman has accused Dhananjay Munde of rape, along with that she said that the Mumbai Police ignored her complaint. The woman (37) said that she had written a letter to the Mumbai Police Commissioner on January 10, stating that Munde had raped her several times in 2006. On this, NCP leader Munde denied the allegations and said that the complainant and his sister are blackmailing him. However, Munde admitted that he had a relationship with the complainant’s sister and is the father of her two children.


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