Maharashtra: ten-year-old girl succumbed to both coronavirus and dengue, doctors treated her like that – ten-year-old girl beat both coronavirus and dengue, doctors treated


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Doctors at a Pune-based hospital claimed to have successfully treated a ten-year-old girl who was suffering from both Kovid-19 and dengue. Doctors also claimed that this case is one of the first cases of both Kovid-19 and dengue disease in children. The girl was admitted on 12 August at the flu clinic of a private hospital located at Pimpri Chinchwad here in Maharashtra.

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In a release issued by Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, it was said that the girl had high fever, swelling in the throat and nausea. According to the hospital, coronavirus infection was confirmed in the examination of the patient but he had no complaints of phlegm or breathlessness. According to the hospital, the girl had high fever and was immediately admitted to a separate habitat ward and treatment was started.

The doctors started giving him the medicine and the CT scan of the patient was also done. Dr. Vrishali Bichkar said that dengue was also confirmed in the investigation of the girl child. He said that after this the doctors started treating both infections. He said, “The temperature, blood pressure, water level in the baby, etc. were monitored. On the third day of admission, fever started to decrease and the condition of taking medicine by mouth improved.

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On the fifth day of recruitment, an increase in the number of white blood cells (WBCs), platelets, liver enzymes was observed in the body of the child. The hospital said, "The child's repeat RT-PCR test found no infection and a blood test found a primary level of dengue infection. Later WBC and platelet numbers in his body were normalized. The patient was discharged from the hospital in a healthy condition on 20 August. "

Dr. Rahul Kallianpur, Associate Director of Department of Pediatrics at the hospital said that according to his information, this case is one of the first cases of both Kovid-19 and dengue infections in children.

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