Maharashtra: More than 46 percent of the people who died from coronavirus suffered from hypertension – More than 46 percent of people killed from corona in Maharashtra were hypertension victims


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Maharashtra Coronavirus: 33 percent of the country’s corona virus deaths have occurred in Maharashtra, that is, every third death. Among them, 71 percent of the deaths occurred of people who had other diseases as well. Secondly, more than 69 percent of the deaths have been caused by men. Corona’s attack on women was less. In Maharashtra, more than 50,000 people have lost their lives due to Covid. Out of these, deaths of 26,724 people have been analyzed. This suggests that 71.64 percent of deaths have occurred in patients with co-morbidity, ie, patients with other diseases. Of the dead Kovid patients, 46.76% were also victims of hypertension. At the same time, 39.49% of the dead Kovid patients had diabetes. 11.13% of heart disease patients died of Kovid. So 4.97% of Kovid patients were already undergoing kidney and 3.94% of patients with lung problems. Males constitute 69.8 percent of the deaths and women 30.2 percent.

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Dr. Pradeep Avate, Head of the Department of Epidemology of the Health Department of Maharashtra, says that “85% of deaths have occurred in patients above the age of 50 years.” Nearly 65% ​​of deaths have occurred in the sixty years. The death rate of males is around 70%. 70% of deaths have been seen in patients with hypertension-diabetes and other diseases. Deaths in pregnant women are quite low, so from this analysis we will find out which patients are high-risk patients here. ”

Deaths are now under control even among co-morbid patients. Doctors at Maharashtra Kovid Task Force BMC Hospital KEM say that if the patients reached the hospital early, there would not have been such a number of deaths.
Dr Rahul Pandit of Maharashtra Kovid Task Force said that “People were lying late in the beginning of the epidemic, because people did not know, when awareness increased, people started coming quickly, in the last 2-3 months, these patients suffered. It has reduced because such patients are coming to the hospital soon.


Dr. Aseem Gargava of the Cardiac Anesthesia Department of KEM Hospital said that “There has been a significant reduction in mortality rate. It is a result of this that in the last 11 months, we have also understood what this disease progresses. Response to medicines is shown differently. We are also using steroid in the treatment of serious patients due to which the chances of increasing the sugar level remain. This also increased the suffering of patients.

With this analysis, the Maharashtra government is identifying high-risk patients for vaccination of Kovid, as well as strengthening measures to save these patients in the treatment of Kovid.


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