Maharashtra Minister Rajendra Shingne Warns Patanjali group, Dont Mislead People on Coronil – Maharashtra's minister, Patanjali Group, will take action if Coronil misleads people


The Patanjali Group launched Coronil in the presence of Baba Ramdev last month.


Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration Minister Rajendra Shingne has said that the drug 'Coronil' prepared by Yogguru Ramdev's company Patanjali Ayurved Ltd does not treat Kovid-19. He has warned that action will be taken if Patanjali misleads the people of the state by making a false claim. The minister said on Friday that if wrong claims are made by the producers of coronil, action will be taken under the Drug and Miracle Treatment (Convulsive Advertisement) Act, 1954 with the help of the State Home Department.

In an official statement, Shingne said that Kovid-19 cannot be treated with the drug coronil made by Patanjali. He said that the Union Ministry of AYUSH has also clarified that Patanjali can only sell coronil as a disease-enhancing drug. Maharashtra minister Shingne also said that people are getting confused because of the name of the medicine.

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