Maharashtra: Many doctors are also positive in second coronavirus wave – a large number of doctors in Maharashtra also positive in corona wave


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Corona Pandemic: In the new wave of corona epidemic, a large number of doctors have also been infected in Maharashtra. 519 resident doctors of the state have been infected with Kovid (Corona Positive). Only 203 Junior Doctor Kovid have been positive from Mumbai only. Kovid wards are also being made for children in Maharashtra amid fears of a third wave. Since March 2021, 203 doctors of government and BMC hospitals like Mumbai’s Nair, KEM, Cooper, Sion, JJ have been positive. According to the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD), many of these doctors had taken the second dose of the vaccine.

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In the city of Pune, which is badly affected by the corona, 150 residents have been hit by the corona. Doctors say that stopping the doctors posted in Kovid-non-Kovid duty together in the hostel was the reason for the increase in infection. Resident doctor Vijay Yadav says, “Last year there was a stay in the hotel without hotel, this time we all had to stay in the hostel, so many people got infected. This time the challenges in the new wave are big because the cases are very high and the lack of basic infrastructure, the pressure of work is very much on us doctors.

Amidst these complaints of pressure on doctors, preparations for the third wave have also started in Maharashtra. Director of Medical Education and Research, Dr. TP Lahane, says that in view of the increased infection in children, separate covid wards are being made for them. The third wave of corona can infect children in the age group of 10 to 18, in which preparation is being done for a pediatric ward. Talking about Maharashtra, there are about 60 thousand continuous cases in the state, the deaths are close to 700. The campaign to raise beds in hospitals is continuing at the record level amid complaints of doctor-staff deaths.

New cases of corona virus infection started coming down in the country: Ministry of Health


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