Maharashtra: Journalist involved in murder of social worker, police engaged in search – Maharashtra: Journalist involved in murder of social worker, police engaged in search


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Ahmednagar / Mumbai:

The journalist’s hand has come to light in the murder of Rekha Jare, NCP activist and President of Yashwashini Women’s Brigade in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. The Ahmednagar Police has made this staggering disclosure, although the police are unable to tell why they got it done. According to the police, the accused journalist Bal J Bothe is absconding and is being searched. Ahmadnagar NCP activist and Yashwashini women’s brigade president Rekha Jare was assassinated on 30 November. Hirani is accused of being the mastermind of the murder, a journalist from Ahmednagar has been charged for the funeral of Rekha Jare. Was also involved in

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According to Manoj Patil, SP, Ahmednagar, “In the murder of Rekha Jare on 30 November, we have arrested 5 accused. We are looking for another name named Bala Saheb Bothe.”

Bal J Bothe …. is a journalist of a big newspaper of the state and also a big name of Ahmednagar district. He has also written several books and recently published a story on Honey Trap and also expressed his fear of being implicated in it. But now the story has taken a different turn.

The conspiracy to assassinate Yashwashini Women’s Brigade President Rekha Jare was planned in such a way that it would be road rage … So Rekha Jare was returning to Ahmednagar from Pune when the accused accused her of not driving the vehicle properly near Jategaon Ghat His car stopped and then escaped after killing him with a sharp weapon.


But his secret did not last long as Rekha Jare’s son, who was sitting in the car, took a photo of the accused. As a result, the police did not take long to reach the accused and 5 accused were arrested one by one. The police are surprised to hear the name they took as soon as the police came to know, and also to know Bal Bothe. But what was the secret of a social woman activist that a big journalist like Bal Bothe had to plot her murder?

(With input from Sagar Dusal from Ahmednagar)


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