Maharashtra FDA commissioner wrote letter to all district magistrate about Remdesivir use in hospitals covid 19


The production of the injection has started with the sudden increase in the cases of Coronavirus in the country, but its supply will take 15-20 April and till then its use will have to be kept under control. It has been written in the letter that after discussion with the District Magistrates, it has come to know that it is being used irresponsibly in private hospitals.

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Remedisvir is being used in government hospitals only when the patient is going from moderate to sevir condition but in private a large number of patients are being given remedisivir. Because of this, there will be a huge shortage of Remedisvir and Kalabazaris will increase.

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As an example, the figures for 5 districts are given, showing how the consumption of Remedisvir, how much is it in government and private hospitals, is shown-


1,526 government beds / patients, 490 injections used daily

2,437 private hospital beds / patients, 2,598 remedisivir daily consumption


239 Government beds / patients, 107 Remedisiver daily

311 private beds / patients, 268 remedies daily.


380 government beds / patients, 123 injections consumed daily

331 private beds / patients, 350 injections daily.


232 government beds / patients, 80 injections consumed daily

493 private beds / patients, 500 injections daily


270 government beds / patients, 200 injections daily

630 private beds / patients, 700 daily remedies consumption

Private hospitals are required to control its use. All the District Magistrates have been ordered to control the use of Remedisvir in private hospitals and then take action on those hospitals if they are being used more.

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