Maharashtra covid 19 cases rises Remdesivir shortage in state


The most affected state in the country is Maharashtra. (File photo)

Special things

  • One death every 5 minutes in Maharashtra
  • 8 bodies cremated together in Beed
  • Remedisvir’s stock out in many districts


Maharashtra is the most affected state of Coronavirus Cases in Maharashtra in the country. Every 5 minutes a patient infected with COVID-19 is dying in the state. Disturbing pictures of the bodies being burnt together have also started surfacing. To save the patients, the family is wandering for the life-saving drug Remadecivir. Remedicivir stock is out of stock in many districts. 8 dead bodies were cremated together in Beed. Continuing the procession of Kovid infected bodies continues in the TV center crematorium in Aurangabad district, which has seen 81 deaths in 6 days. Bodies are brought here from many areas of Marathwada.

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One death is occurring every five minutes in the Corona hotspot Maharashtra. There is a demand for life-saving drug Remedisvir everywhere, but the stock of medicine is depleted in many districts of the state. Narayan Solanki of Mumbai is a pharmacist himself but has been looking for Remedesvir for two days to save his relative. He said, ‘My relatives are 50 years old. Are critical. I have been circling for two days. What will we do? Moin is also troubled for two days to save his 55-year-old mother. Moin said, ‘Yesterday also came, to SK Distributor. Still came today I have searched all over Mumbai but cannot find Remedesivir injection anywhere. The doctor says, bring it, where to get it from.

Highest ever corona cases in Maharashtra, about 60 thousand new patients found in 24 hours

Pramod Mali reached the city of Nashik 200 km away from the village to pick up Remedesivir for his brother-in-law and uncle. Waited for hours He said, ‘Brother-in-law and uncle are positive in my house. Before two people pass away due to corona, it is necessary to take this medicine. On the other hand, we have not received anything, have been sitting since morning, do not know when the number will be taken. Doctors say that if you do not give remade to mild patient to moderate patient, then the patient may need oxygen.

The havoc of Corona, about 80 thousand children from these 5 states, including Maharashtra, were hit in a month.

ICU Head Doctor Bhatia Hospital of Bhatia Hospital said, ‘The cases are increasing now, we are facing shortage of Remedisvir. If we do not give these injections in mild to moderate cases then the patients can become serious. The need for oxygen may increase for them.

In the UK, people under the age of 30 will get the option of vaccine, due to the worry of becoming a blood clot

The Health Minister of Maharashtra has warned the doctors in a press conference that they should not write Remedisvir just to increase the bill. Not only this, the price of medicine should be only from 1100 to 1400 rupees. It has been decided that now this medicine will be available only in Kovid hospitals and medical stores attached to it.

VIDEO: Corona became uncontrollable in Maharashtra, highest number of cases in these districts


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