Maharashtra Coronavirus Lockdown: Covid impacts farmers income, forced to sell produce in losses


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In Maharashtra (Maharashtra), farmers’ problems have increased due to the increasing cases of Coronavirus. Markets are closed in many places, no buyers are coming, whose prices have come down. The farmer is not able to extract his cost also. Many farmers are throwing the produce in their fields.

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Manoj Gojre, who cultivates flowers in Paithan taluka of Aurangabad, is plucking his flowers and throwing them in his own fields. After the second wave of Corona infection started, many stricter rules were made by the government and it had a direct impact on the pockets of many farmers like Manoj Gojre. There is no buyer coming in the market, due to which the prices of flowers are badly affected. Previously, where one rose was sold for 10 rupees, then now a bunch of 10 roses are being sold for 3 rupees. They also have to bear the cost of bringing and carrying it to the market. The same condition is also with marigold flower.

Farmer Manoj Gojre says that “there is no one in the market and now there is loss.” There is a loan of 10 lakh rupees. If this continues, the loan will have to be sold by selling the field.

The same situation is there for tomato cultivation. There are no buyers in the market and tomatoes are rotting in the fields. Now farmers are feeding tomatoes to animals and throwing them in the fields. Previously, where 25 kg of tomatoes were sold for 250 rupees, then now the price of 25 kg tomatoes has gone up to 10 to 30 rupees.

The condition of watermelon cultivation is the same. Usually, where one kilogram of watermelon was sold for 8 rupees, then no one is buying it even for 3 rupees.


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