maharashtra coronavirus cases show grim situation says doctor from KEM hospital mumbai


Mumbai Coronavirus: The rapid rise in coronavirus cases in Mumbai.


In Mumbai, the situation is very bad due to coronavirus at ground level. The top doctor of the hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the city, said this on Wednesday. There have been 10,030 new cases of infection and 31 deaths in the city in the last 24 hours. This is the highest number of deaths after October. There has been a jump of 300 per cent in the recruitments in the hospitals of Mumbai in the last few months.

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Dr Hemant Deshmukh, Dean of Mumbai’s KEM Hospital, told NewsBust that ‘the situation is very bad at the ground level. New cases have been increasing continuously for the last four weeks. In this hospital alone, 228 patients are admitted. That too when the hospital is simply recruiting such patients, whose condition is more serious. He said that the availability of beds in hospitals in Mumbai has reached its potential. We currently have beds full of need for patients with mild and moderate symptoms.

Many hospitals in Mumbai have raised the problem of lack of oxygen cylinders. Dr. Deshmukh said that hospitals are in urgent need of medical supplies along with oxygen supply.

Kovid vaccine crisis in Maharashtra, stock is just 3 days, many centers forced to close

In the second wave of corona, corona infection is spreading rapidly among the youth especially in the cities. Dr. Deshmukh told that ‘Out of the patients who are coming at the moment, there are more people between 35 and 55. However, people below 35, even children, are getting infected.

Let us know that in the last 24 hours in Maharashtra, the highest number of cases have been reported so far. Here 55,469 cases and 297 deaths have been registered. The pace of vaccination is being increased, although the Center said on Tuesday that it is not yet planned to start vaccination of people of all ages in the future and that people are being given vaccination more than the virus. is.

At the same time, the problem of vaccine shortage has also arisen in Maharashtra. On Wednesday, the state Health Minister said that the vaccine stock is ending fast in many places of the state and the vaccine is left for just three days. In such a situation, the state has given information to the center.

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