Maharashtra, bird flu has been deeply affected, 1839 birds found dead in five days


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Coronavirus infection can be seen Mumbai-Maharashtra Now the crisis of bird flu is also deepening. 214 chickens have been found dead in three districts of the state. A total of 1,839 birds have died in five days. Here in Mumbai chicken retail, the price of chicken has suddenly come down by 33 percent. After Corona in Maharashtra (Mumbai) including Mumbai Bird flu The shadow of it is deepening According to a Maharashtra government press note, 1,839 birds have been found dead in Maharashtra in five days. On Tuesday, 214 chickens (poultry bird) were found dead in Maharashtra. Of these, 200 died in Yavatmal, 11 Amravati and 3 in Akola district.

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Four crows were also found dead in Akola on Tuesday. That is, 218 birds have been found dead in the state in one day. Their samples have been sent to Bhopal and Pune for testing. Earlier, the bird flu virus has been confirmed in the investigation report of samples of bird deaths in Mumbai, Thane, Parbhani, Beed, Dapoli.

Along with Mumbai, the Thane Municipal Corporation is in action to combat bird flu. Complaints about the death of 55 birds have reached the 1916 helpline of BMC. Doctors have been included in the rapid action team. A special control room has been set up in Thane to monitor the situation.

Guidelines have been issued by the government saying that dead birds will be buried in large pits below the ground and there will also be a sprinkling of lime at this place. According to the press note, about 15,500 chickens up to a radius of one kilometer from the infected area will be killed. With an order to survey meat / mutton shops and ensure cleanliness around them, guidelines have been issued to make mutton vendors, poultry farmers aware of bird flu.

Maharashtra Animal Husbandry Minister Sunil Kedar said, “We are on red alert, watching the corona.” If it is outbreak then it will be a problem. When this happened before, there was no corona, now it is also corona and there is a possibility of new wave coming. So there will be a lot of difficulty in this.


The chicken business has suffered a setback due to bird flu panic. Chicken sold for Rs 180 a kg is being sold in Mumbai retail for Rs 120. That is, there has been a 33 percent drop in prices. Chicken businessman Mahmood Khan said that “We are at a loss here because our production is fast, the life of chicken is 30 to 50 days.” 50-60 percent of sales stop with rumors. Every day’s backlog doubles and increases. Now the small-sized farmers are the biggest losers. How many days will you hold, 1,2,3 days, then after that, panic sell, you have to sell the rate down.

There has been no confirmation of infection from infected birds to humans. Seeing the huge impact on the chicken business, the government is explaining that at 70 to 80 degree Celsius temperature, chicken can be eaten for at least half an hour because after cooking at such a degree, the bird flu bacteria die.


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