Madhya Pradesh: State budget brought good news for gas-affected widows of Bhopal


Bhopal’s gas-affected widows were protesting against the demand for pension.


Of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) Gas stricken widows There is good news in the budget for The government has made a provision in the budget for their pension. When Finance Minister Jagdish Deora presented the budget on Tuesday, he said that the state government will now provide pension from its own sources after the Central Pension Scheme being given to the gas victims every month. Necessary provision has been kept in the budget for this.

Expressing happiness on this news, social activist Rachna Dhingra, who works for the gas victims, said that it has just been revealed that the Madhya Pradesh government has passed the item of pension of Rs 1000 / month for gas-affected widows in their budget. The gas-affected organization is thankful to Hon’ble Gas Relief Minister Vishwas Sarang that the pension of the gas-affected widows, which had been closed since December 2019, will now be able to be operational without interruption and more than 5000 gas-affected widows will get their required pension.

After the announcement in the budget, Gas Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vishwas Sarang said while talking to NewsBust, “It is a matter of great pleasure that our government is fulfilling every promise, the Congress government stopped the Kalyani sisters who got 1000 pensions.” Our government was committed, Honorable Chief Minister and I promised that in this budget, we made a provision for this. Provided this for the first time in the state budget. The most important thing is that till now it was received from the Center, now the honorable Chief Minister will get the help from the state budget, he will give 1000 rupees from the state budget and the money he gets will remain unchanged.

From December 2019, the pension received by gas-affected widows was discontinued by the then Kamal Nath government, officials said that the fixed deposit money in this item has been exhausted and there is no money left for the pension. After assuming power in March 2020, BJP also made several promises, in December the Chief Minister himself said that he will start memorials for gas tragedy and pension of gas-affected widow women.

The government believes that more than 5000 women were widowed in the Bhopal gas tragedy. Many victims are now 75-80 years old. 350 widowed women have died. They used to get pension of 1000 rupees every month, since 2011 they were being given this pension. In 2008, the Madhya Pradesh government sent an action plan center to the Center for gas victims. 272 crore sought in items such as unan carbide waste, gas poison, pension. Money was received in 2010 but the next year the government started crying. About 147 crore has not been spent with that money, of which 40 crore is for social rehabilitation and 80 crore for economic rehabilitation.

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