Madhya Pradesh School Reopen From July 26; Parents and Operator On One Day Class In a Week | Parents-school operators not in favor of class 1 day a week; Said – nothing will be done for studies, the burden of fees will increase, this is a copy of the previous order

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  • Madhya Pradesh School Reopen From July 26; Parents And Operator On One Day Class In A Week

Bhopal29 minutes agoAuthor: Anoop Dubey

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  • Expenses from school dress to transport will increase

Classes of 11th-12th in government and private schools in Madhya Pradesh are going to open one day a week from July 26 after a year. After the issuance of the order, now from parents to school operators have come in protest. Everyone believes that having classes once a week will not lead to studies, on the contrary, the burden of fees will increase on the parents.

Additional expenses from school dress to transport will increase. Students can attend classes only with the permission of the parents. This order of the government is a copy of the previous order. This is the reason, now the Unaided Association of Private School Operators is also going to hold a meeting soon regarding all these things. A new strategy will be prepared in it. The association will give it to the government. Only then can anything happen. In such a situation, schools will definitely open from Monday, but the situation is not clear whether classes will be held or not.

in favor of opening a school

Puneet Aggarwal, a resident of Nehru Nagar, says that if schools open one day a week or open for a month, the fees will have to be paid in full. From the uniform to the transport of the child, the cost will increase. In such a situation, by sending only one day in a week to school, how much will the child study. This decision of the government is wrong. Right now we are not in favor of opening the school anyway. Children have not been vaccinated. If he goes out, he will be sick. Children will definitely come in contact with each other, so schools should not open now.

Schools open, but strictly necessary

Mamta Mishra, who lives in Chunabhati, says that the opening of the school is good for both the children and the parents. Outdoor activity helps children develop physically and mentally, but attending school for just one day is not an option. Schools should be opened for more days with all precautions. Yes, the issue of fees is the most important. The government will have to think about it, so that if schools open, children can study and parents do not become financially burdened.

Welcome to open school, but it is necessary to open more days

Babu Thomas, secretary of the Unaided Association, said that we welcome the government’s decision to open schools, but opening only one day in a week will cause problems. In this, there will be a problem regarding the issue of fees to transport from the children. Along with this, there are many issues, about which we are going to have a meeting. After this, on behalf of all private schools, a letter will be given to the government regarding the opening of the school, so that the schools open at least 3 days a week.

copy of previous order

The order to open class 11th and 12th from July 26 is a copy of the previous order. Earlier, the government had tried to start the school in September last year and again in December, but it could not happen. All these rules and guidelines were also in that order. Nothing special in the new order.

School Director- Better than one day online is right

Mohit Yadav, director of Annie Besant School, told that the orders have come only yesterday. In such a situation, there is no plan yet to open the school. According to the class, 50% of the children will be accommodated. If a child is seated on the first bench, the third bench except one will seat the second child. The decision of the government to call a school for one day is neither in the interest of the children nor of the school people. Better to get it online. Because online classes will also run along with offline, so there will be a double burden on the teacher. Last time in lockdown which opened with 50%. That was a good decision. Talking about the school bus, it will not be possible to operate it now. Because in that too only 50% have to be brought. In such a situation, it is not possible to bring 5-10 children.

This will be a burden on parents

  • Right now only tuition fee is being charged. After the opening of the class, other types of fees will be added to the tuition fee. Not only this, this time it has been increased by about 10% as compared to the last.
  • Uniform must also be taken. Right now, due to online classes for children, they are not studying to buy uniforms etc. From the start of class, even if the child goes to school for a day, he will be required to wear a uniform.
  • Transport will be needed from home to school. From school to private school vehicle operators also take two months advance. In such a situation, parents will have to pick up and drop their children to school on their own.

so one day there will be class

  • Classes of class 11th and 12th will be held twice a week. Only 50% of the children can be called at a time. Accordingly, a child has to come to school only one day in a week.
  • The children of 9th and 10th have to come only once in a week. Due to the 50% rule in a day only, a child will be able to attend class on only one day in two weeks.

this also rules

  • Children will be able to attend classes only after submitting the parent’s permission letter to the school.
  • Along with following social distancing, it is also necessary to arrange for sanitizer.
  • Children can be brought in buses only in 50% capacity.
  • The responsibility of the school management, from its treatment to giving information when the children are ill, lies with the school management.

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