Madhya Pradesh: Panna, Luck of laborers digging with the desire to get diamond – Luck of laborers digging with the desire to get diamond in emerald


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When luck is with you, there is no delay in changing the time. One Poor laborer (Laborers) and his associates were the same, which aroused hope for the future of him and his children. Of Madhya Pradesh The page (Panna) In a village in the district, the fate of a laborer and his colleagues shone after two precious diamonds were found in the mine. The price of diamonds found in the excavation has been estimated to be up to Rs 35 lakh.

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Panna Collector Sanjay Kumar Mishra said on Monday that Bhagwandas Kushwaha, a resident of Itwa Khas village and laborers working with him, have found two precious diamonds of 7.94 carat and 1.93 carat from digging in the mine on Monday.

He told that these two diamonds along with other diamonds will also be auctioned by the administration in the second week of March. The revenue from the auction will be deducted from the government’s revenue and the remaining amount will be given to Kushwaha and his fellow workers.


Bhagwandas Kushwaha told reporters that he has deposited both the diamonds in the local diamond office. He told that five workers including him were digging in a mine when they found these two precious diamonds. He said that the amount received from this will solve the problems of his family and money can be used in the education of children.

Experts have estimated the price of these diamonds to be up to 35 lakh rupees. Panna district of Madhya Pradesh is famous for diamond mines.


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