Madhya Pradesh: Number of people killed by drinking Toxic liquor in Morena is 14


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The death toll from Toxic Liquor has increased to 14 in Pahavali and Manpur villages of Morena (Muraina). In the late evening on Tuesday, 8 people were killed in village Manpur after consuming poisonous liquor and 3 were cremated in Pahavali. The funeral of 3 will be done on Wednesday after the arrival of family members. More than 20 people are still being treated in Morena-Gwalior hospital. In this case, the police have detained two accused. The police is giving pressure to arrest the other five accused.

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Poisonous liquor has wreaked havoc in two villages of Morena district. In both villages, 14 people, including two brothers and their uncles, drowned in Kaal’s cheeks after drinking alcohol. Some sick people are being treated in Morena Hospital. The incident is of Manpur Prithvi village of Bagchini police station and Pahavali village of Sumavali police station.


In Manpur Prithvi village of Morena, two days ago people were stunned after consuming poisonous liquor, one of which was cremated on the last day, but the condition of the people was late last evening. Due to further deterioration, the district hospital was brought, in which two brain dead had taken place. One of the two sick people sent to Gwalior treatment from this village died, while the body of one was lying in the village itself. 5 people of this village had died till late night.

Three people (two brothers and their uncles) consumed alcohol together in Pahavali village of Sumavali police station area of ​​the district. After some time, he was brought to Morena when the situation worsened, where he was sent to Gwalior after his condition became critical. During treatment, all three were killed in Morena and Gwalior. Among them, the body of Bunty Gurjar, Morena and the body of his brother Jitendra and uncle Ramnivas were kept in the Gwalior PM house.


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