Madhya Pradesh man digs well at home in 15 days to ease wifes water woes – Dug 31 feet deep well to help wife get rid of water from half a km away


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An unhappy 46-year-old poor laborer dug his own well near his hut in 15 days to get him a gift from his half-a-kilometer distance on his head every day and relieved him of the problem of carrying water. Bharat Singh gave this gift to his wife Sushila, who lived in Bhanpur Bawa village of Chachowda tehsil of Guna district of Madhya Pradesh, two months ago. With this, not only did his wife get relief from carrying water on his head from half a kilometer away, but there was also a system to irrigate half his bigha land. Singh said on Wednesday, “There was no drinking water system in our house. My wife had to take water at the hand pump half a kilometer away. In this, he had to face many kinds of problems. Many times the hand pump had to go without water due to the malfunction.

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He said that one day when the wife Sushila returned without water due to bad hand pumps and she told me, I decided to dig a well at my house in view of this problem of the wife. Singh said, “Initially, my wife gave me a cry saying that it is not possible, you cannot dig a well and that criticism made me inspirational and I started digging well at home about two and a half months ago.” .


He said that after 15 days of continuous hard work, I dug a six feet diameter round 31 feet deep well and also sealed this well with brick, cement and sand. He said that it has been nearly two months since this well was built. Singh said, “Not only our drinking water problem has been solved by the water coming from the well, but there has also been a system to irrigate half the bigha land.” And there are four people in my family including old mother, wife and a child. My family lives in a hut and falls below the poverty line. Singh said that despite my best efforts, my family has not yet got the ration card.

Collector of Guna district Kumar Purushottam has also praised Bharat Singh’s work of digging wells in 15 days. Purushottam has instructed the officers of the District Panchayat to provide him benefits of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and various other government schemes for his better life.

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