Madhya Pradesh DNS hospital lift fell Kamal Nath and other Congress leaders was inside


Former CM Kamal Nath narrowly escaped the accident. (File photo)


Kamal Nath, the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), narrowly survived in a major accident on Sunday. The lift of former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, who reached the DNS hospital in Indore, suddenly fell on the ground after taking a lift. At the time the lift fell, senior Congress party leader and former Chief Minister of the state Kamal Nath was present. On this incident, the Chief Minister of the state Shivraj Singh Chouhan has ordered an inquiry. There were no casualties in the accident and all the people narrowly survived. Along with the former Chief Minister, MLAs Sajjan Verma, Jeetu Patwari and Vishal Patel were also present in the lift.

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According to the information received, this lift reportedly fell below 10 feet due to over-riding in a lift in the newly constructed hospital. According to the hospital management, 13-14 people, including Kamal Nath, president of Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee, were in the lift at the time of the accident and all these people are safe. Officials said that after talking to the Congress leader, the state Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has instructed the district administration to investigate the lift accident.

State Congress chief’s media coordinator Narendra Saluja issued a statement saying, “Kamal Nath had gone to know the plight of senior Congress leader Rameshwar Patel, admitted to the DNS Hospital in Indore. He and other Congress leaders went from base base to upper floor. Riding in the lift, then the lift suddenly fell 10 feet from the blast. ” Saluja said, “After the accident, the dust and smoke filled the elevator and its doors were locked. After 10-15 minutes, the door of the lift was opened by barely finding tools.

He said, “Kamal Nath and all other Congress leaders who were in the lift are safe.” The Congress leader, demanding the lift accident, alleged the negligence and safety lapses, demanded the administration to tighten Steps should be taken. He said that Kamal Nath was accompanied by two former ministers of the state – Sajjan Singh Verma and Jeetu Patwari besides local Congress MLA Vishal Patel and city Congress president Vinay Bakaliwal in the lift. A statement issued by the Public Relations Department said, “Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has expressed concern over the lift accident with Kamal Nath in Indore on Sunday. Chauhan discussed the phone with Kamal Nath after the accident and asked about his well being.


It was also said in the official statement that the Chief Minister has instructed the District Magistrate of Indore Manish Singh to investigate the lift accident. Indore District Magistrate’s Office tweeted that orders have been given for a magistrate inquiry into the malfunction of the lift of the private hospital and the accident in it and an Additional District Magistrate (ADM) has been entrusted with the task. On the other hand, an official of the DNS Hospital denied that the lift fell, saying that due to over-riding, it suddenly went downstream instead of going up and reached the basement. According to the official, 13-14 people including Kamal Nath were in the lift at the time of the accident.

He said, “After going down the lift, the liftman took it to the basement and took out the rider Kamal Nath and others. They climbed the stairs from the basement to the upper floor of the hospital and the senior Congress leader Rameshwar Patel’s hall- After knowing the trick, he got down from the second lift and proceeded to the next stop. ”


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