Madhya Pradesh: A man from the village was killed in the firing between the Naxalites, questions were raised about the police


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Balsamund village is on the border of Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh, Namesingh and Jamsingh of this village went to the fishing forest on 6th. It is alleged that during this time, two uniformed people met and indicated to stop. On not stopping, he shot from behind. One bullet hit Jham Singh and the other shot Nemasingh's fishing rod.

At the site of the encounter, a gun, pictures of lentils and rice packed in bags also came up. Another picture came of a foil, in which there were earthworms for fodder for fish, although the government did not send it.

Local tribal leader Prabhati Markam says that this incident is a fake encounter, the villagers went fishing, it was evening, they were coming back, they were told they were people of the forest, action will be taken against us. According to the person who is left alive, the security force in MP has executed the incident, we strongly condemn it. Jamsingh used to raise 3 children by farming on one acre of land.

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However, the Madhya Pradesh Police claims that an encounter took place between the Naxalites and the security forces that day. Firing continued on both sides for about 3 hours. Taking advantage of the darkness at night, the Naxalites fled, but in the morning the body of an unknown person was found at the place where the encounter took place. Police said the Naxalites were in the number of about 15 to 20. First firing was done on behalf of Naxalites. Naxalites had 40 to 50 rounds of firing on police personnel. Seeing the answer and self-protection, the police also fired.

Balaghat SP Abhishek Tiwari said firing occurred between Hawk Force and Vistaar Platoon in Baspahra forest, we thought 12-15 Naxalites were coming, while climbing the hill, the Hawk Force fired 18-20 rounds in security. While there are many questions on this theory of the police, if the Garhi police had gone out in search, were the Jhalmala police informed of the search, being a state border area? Where did the police find the gun at the scene? If the bullets went there, where are the empty cartridges?

In this case, Chhattisgarh cabinet minister Mo. Akbar has written letters to both the Home Minister and the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, but it is alleged that they have not received any reply so far.


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